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He bases the concept of consciousness on experience, and theorizes that almost all objects have some experience or sensation of the world, and therefore are conscious. While a human being may have a richer experience than a rock or tree, every being has consciousness of some type. He argues that consciousness is the fundamental reality, rather than a byproduct of matter, space, and time. Western science denies this essential insight because it still ignores whatever cannot be quantified or established in terms of empirical data.

The discussion goes on to explore the nature of light in both science and self-exploration, and the various paradigm shifts that have produced modern thought.

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Moreover, the two sets of shifts appeared to be heading in the same direction" p. From Science to God invites us to cross that bridge to a radically different, and ultimately healing, view of ourselves and the universe -- one in which God takes on new meaning, and spiritual practice a deeper significance. Recent Blogs The Sound of Silence?

Meditation Tip Why is meditation hard? Aldous Huxley. Guillaume Apollinaire Refresh. Translate this page into:. This is not only the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita but the conclusion of all Vedic Literature including all Eastern Philosophy. Consciousness is both physical and spiritual. The cytoskeleton is a protein based structure that maintains the integrity of living cells, including neurons. The neurons in the brain are organize into a network of microtubules of microscopic size but astronomical number.

Peter Russell – From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness

It could be responsible for the quantum-receptivity of our brain, picking up, transforming, and interpreting information based on phase-conjugate resonance. But I feel that this is contrary to all religious belief particularly Eastern Philosophy. Penrose-Hameroff Model of Quantum Consciousness deals with physical consciousness. In this model brain receives quantum -hologram receptivity information and process them.

In this model physical consciousness dominates over spiritual consciousness. The domain of physical consciousness extends up to the region of Brahmn. In English Brahmn means ever expanding. This region was created after the first Big Bang and the universe is expanding ever since. Ever expanding means ever changing. Quantum theory can be applied in this region since it deals with probability.

Spiritual consciousness deals with Self-Realization. In State of Samadhi, when soul transcends for journey into higher spiritual regions brain does not accompany Soul. It is the Soul only which realizes Itself. However, brain of the enlightened persons gets the knowledge of this experience simultaneously. It is worth mentioning here that in disembodied spirits subtle body there is no brain but they receive information and process them and also sometimes communicate with us. So Quantum Theory cannot be applied at the level of Spiritual Consciousness.

From Science to God

And the human entities, in consequence of their comparatively greater spirituality and of high purity of their heart, had no difficulty in getting access at times into the astral planes and holding communion with the departed spirits. This experience is purely at spiritual level. This is the difference in physical consciousness and spiritual consciousness. At the apex of this Akash, there is a passage which is very small like the eye of a needle.

Crossing Over

Your Surat spirit should penetrate this eye. Further on, there is Banknal, the crooked path, which goes straight and then downward and again upwards. Beyond this passage comes the second stage. Trikuti Region having three prominences is situated here.