Manual Goldie - The walking, talking goldfish.

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Now the real work begins. What am I talking about?

Or maybe you undertook the task of preparing your hearts for the celebration of God coming to Earth in human form. Did you ever stop to wonder why?

Wentworth S3:E8 Goldfish Recap

I once heard this parable to help describe why God choose to become human: There once was a little boy named Jimmy. Jimmy was going to get a pet fish and he was so excited to be getting his first pet! He took time and care in preparing a fish bowl for his new friend. He endlessly watched and waited for Goldie to swim through the castle.

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Baron Barracuda wore a monocle in one eye, and spoke in a vaguely European accent; he sounded like a Bela Lugosi "Dracula" imitation. Trigger always had an apparently unlit cigarette jutting from the side of his mouth and sounded a bit like Ed Norton from The Honeymooners. The series was not immune to ethnic stereotypes: One of the undersea characters was Scout Fish, who carried a tomahawk and always spoke in pidgin - Indian dialect.

Manual Goldie - The walking, talking goldfish.

He occasionally used his tomahawk to extricate Diver Dan from seaweed in the Sargasso Sea , fishing nets, or some nefarious trap. The series opening and closing themes were written, performed, and sung by the show's sound engineer , Jack Sky, in a double tracked recorded voice. Below in the deep there's adventure and danger; That's where you'll find Diver Dan! The sights that he sees are surprising and stranger Than ever you'll see on the land!

Following those opening lyrics, the narrator sums up the recent situation in a short group of rhymes, during the second half of the song as an instrumental, before the episode resumes.

Before the closing sung lyrics, the narrator brings up the new situation in a short group of rhymes, during the first half of the song, as an instrumental, as the episode concludes. He moves among creatures Of frightening features: Flashing teeth, slashing jaws, Flapping fins, snapping claws! He protects and he saves His friends under the waves; That's where you'll find Diver Dan! Note : Each of the first 8 episodes has its own chapter stop except for Episode