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Jon Rafman has spent a considerable amount of time capturing and compiling Google Street View images that fulfill an artistic quality rather than purely informative. Aluminium is a futurist graphic book and film about the social history of aluminium. In it will be years since Marinetti set out the Futurist manifesto in which advocated the consumption of metal bolts and engine oil to turn men into machines.

Marinetti believed in speed, machines and violence, values that for him were epitomised in the recent invention of aluminium. Drawing on archival footage from the aluminium industry, Harwood derives algorithms from the Futurist Manifestos to create the books cells by recording only the differences between key video frames. Caption texts are gathered up and edited together by issue crawlers as they search across the Internet.

Aluminium takes the futurist logic of the 20th Century and turns it back upon its self. Satellite, the publication contains thoughts on private space program, its execution plan, and things are going to happen afterward. A project initiated by Marlie Mul and Yngve Holen. Katz is an exact copy of the French edition of Maus , with the difference that all the animal characters, have been redrawn as cats. See M. As the screens break, they become collages composed of different pages, cover illustrations and interface elements. In , still living the dream of their recently gained independence, Zambia started a space program that would put the first African on the moon catching up the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race.

Only a few optimists supported the project by Edward Makuka, the school teacher in charge of presenting the ambitious program and getting its necessary funding. But the financial aid never came, as the United Nations declined their support, and one of the astronauts, a 16 year old girl, got pregnant and had to quit.

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That is how the heroic initiative turned into an exotic episode of the African history, surrounded by wars, violence, droughts and hunger. See Aline Smithson Lenscratch, It also can be thought of as an appeal to the electronic DIY maker movement to be critically engaged with culture, history and society: after learning to use a 3D printer, making an LED blink or using an Arduino, then what?

A book about the Sylvania flashcube — the space-aged, flash photography device, revolutionary in and nearly obsolete by It contains binary encoded image and sound files selected to portray the diversity of life and culture at the Foundation for Art and Public Domain SKOR , Amsterdam, and is intended for any intelligent terrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find it. The files are protected from bitrot, software decay and hardware failure via a transformation from magnetic transitions on a disk to ink on paper, safe for centuries.

Instructions in a symbolic language explain the origin of the book and indicate how the content is to be decoded. An 80 point manifesto on polite art. Like every intimate dinner party, Bon Ton Mais Non requires one symphony orchestra, a pastry chef, a large mirror, and the fact of cannibal sirens.

Diagrammatic Writing is a poetic demonstration of the capacity of format to produce meaning.

The articulation of the codex, as a space of semantically generative relations, has rarely if ever been subject to so highly focused and detailed a study. The text and graphical presentation are fully integrated, co-dependent, and mutually self-reflexive. Johanna Drucker Iowa Review, Diff in June tells a day in the life of a personal computer, written by itself in its own language, as a sort of private log or intimate diary focused on every single change to the data on its hard disk.

In Splendide Hotel — there is one sole room and it is transparent, containing apparitions of all literary, musical, scientific and abstract sorts. From an internal monologue to quantum physics to the gramophone and bioluminescence, within this little book there is a collection of nearly all the references serving to rebuild this hotel within the Cristal Palace to reveal as the birth year of our universe. Theory offers an unprecedented reading of the contemporary world: texts — from poems and musings to short stories — printed on pages assembled in the form of a ream of paper.

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Curated by the author-poet, this collection maps out the various issues and trends in contemporary literature in a world currently being shaken up by everything online and digital, and calls for the reinvention of creative forms. See reviews. Infranthin is the space between spaces, the sound between sounds, the sensation between sensations; neither here nor there, this nor that, but both—all at the same time.

The closest metaphor is the fourth dimension, which is best illustrated by a cube collapsing in on itself and at the same time expanding. I know. Marcel Duchamp gave six instances of the infrathin. We wrote of them. Emotions Go to Work is an investigation into how technology is used to turn our feelings into valuable assets. One might call it the transformation of emotion into capital. It asks what is at stake in our relationship with the companions we call smart objects? What does the future hold in store for a world where people are treated more and more like things, while the billions of gadgets that make up the Internet of Things are increasingly anthropomorphized, granted agency?

In the summer of , a German artist, famous for having a past as cyberfeminist and a present as technofeminist, was invited to Stuttgart in the South of Germany, to create an exhibition dealing with issues of gender and technology as part of a large festival.

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During her research, she got in touch with numerous fellow artists and activists, and in a process of collective realization, they found that the time has come, not for another exhibition, but for a global technofeminist upheaval. The key functions of a museum are the collection, presentation, preservation and education of cultural and artworks for the enjoyment of, and to educate, the public.

This catalogue presents three perspectives that open up the potential of documentation as a method to generate new articulations and ways of understanding, thinking and performing. The book includes the recipes for LCD and Gorilla screen-glazes. See also Art styles and movements. Pre avant-garde Index of avant-garde and modernist magazines, Lettrist Ur.

Maurice Bismuth, Paris: Brunidor, nos. French Internationale Situationniste. Luis Navarro, Spanish Spur. Organ der Situationistische Internationale , 7 numbers, ed. Gruppe Spur, Munich, Aug Jan German The Situationist Times , 6 numbers, eds.

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English Situationistisk revolution: centralorgan for den skandinaviske sektion af situationistisk internationale , 3 numbers, ed. Raoul Vaneigem, Brussels, Apr First issue of the Internationale situationniste in Germany, Der Deutsche Gedanke was meant to replace Spur after the exclusion of the group. German English trans. Conceptual , 6 numbers, eds. Art-Language , 19 numbers, eds. First issue carried the subtitle The Journal of Conceptual Art.

Covers , [13] , [14]. Hungarian Index , eds. Student magazine. Serbo-Croatian Data , 32 numbers, eds. Serbo-Croatian The Fox , 3 numbers, eds.

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Vision , 5 numbers, ed. Issue 1. Red-herring , 2 numbers, eds. Mail art File , ed. Vile , eds. Commonpress , c48 numbers, eds.

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Pawel Petasz et al. Issues: 1 , 3 5 , 6 , 8 , and many others available via Lomholt Mail Art Archive. Umbrella , ed. Judith Hoffberg , The journal covered news and reviews of artists' books, mail art and contemporary art and photography tradebooks. Umbrella: The Anthology, , ed. Judith A.

PhotoStatic; Retrofuturism; Psrf magazines, Yawn: Art Strike , 45 numbers, Monty Cantsin, Montreal, Last two numbers published with the title Organ. PhotoStatic , 41 numbers, ed. Lloyd Dunn, Aug Jan SMILE , ed. Monty Cantsin, Feb Tape-beatles, Jan Apr Yawn , 45 numbers, Sep Mar Re:Action newsletter, 10 numbers, ed.

Stewart Home, Winter Spring Psrf , 2 numbers, ed. Lloyd Dunn, Oct Oct Kocman Antoine Lefebvre Lucy R. Archiv Sohm , Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Artpool , Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Guttorm Guttormsgaard Archive , Blaker, Oslo. John M.

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    Antoine Lefebvre. Maintained by Silvio Lorusso. Artists' books on Monoskop Log.