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Although rags continued to be recorded in the period from s to the s, ragtime was no longer a common form during this period as jazz and later big bands or swing had became dominant.

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The ragtime tag should be used very sparingly after It should NOT be applied to any early jazz or popular music records unless the titles are specifically ragtime compositions. Just having a rhythmic or syncopated sound does not make a record ragtime and jazz or pop or both would be more appropriate.

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While obviously influenced by ragtime these are not ragtime recordings and should be given the pop tag. The ragtime influence on jazz was very significant and some early jazz performers such as Jelly Roll Morton both wrote and recorded rags. Some jazz pianists were more ragtime influenced than others with James P.

Johnson and Thomas Waller later better known as Fats Waller recording in what is known as the stride style, while other jazz piansts such as Earl Hines and Duke Ellington created totally new styles of jazz piano. The ragtime tag does not aply to these or other similar jazz records.

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By the s interest in the ragtime style was re-emerging and there was something of a revival with many ragtime compositions being recorded and some new ones written and recorded. An off-shoot of the ragtime revival was Honky-tonk which is not strictly ragtime and is more appropriately tagged pop. Ragtime is a very well defined style and the tag should not be applied broadly unless it is a ragtime composition from the peak peak or a ragtime composition recorded later.

If jazz, pop or some other tag is applicable this should be preferred. Share your thoughts with us. Take the survey! Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Without one, you can't have the other. Shortall: You're sort of personally interested in preserving and promoting and showcasing it. What is it about the music that intrigues you? Well, it's never gone away.

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Out of all the styles of music over the decades, it's one that has remained. You can still hear Ragtime, even today. And Ragtime is the basis of all music that has come after: jazz, big band, rock and roll. All of that is the foundation from which Ragtime is. But Ragtime is such a happy music.

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It was the first music I ever heard -- that and church music. And I suppose when you think about Ragtime, you either play it, or you listen to it, because you want to be happy. It makes you happy. Credit via Aaron Robinson. There are no blue notes in it What the blues did, and jazz was throwing that seventh and Jelly Roll Morton in was the reason why we have that.

Talk about the tribute to Glenn Jenks. He died a few years ago. But you see him as an important cultural musical figure in Maine history.

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What did he give to us and what do you want to celebrate? Glenn Jenks was one of Maine's great composers, not just of Ragtime works, but of orchestral, coral, etc. But with Ragtime, his music, his legacy, his library is unparalleled.

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Joplin wrote dozens and dozens of works -- not just rags, but waltzes, songs, an opera. And with Glenn, he left a legacy that no other composer has even come close to. He wrote 37 Ragtime pieces just for the panel alone.

He wrote songs, he wrote a Ragtime concerto.