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Tomahawk : A Dan Lenson Novel. David Poyer.

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The bestselling novels of David Poyer have been read by millions around the world, and The New York Times Book Review has proclaimed: "Poyer knows what he is writing about when it comes to anything on, above or below the water. It was a missile that would change the world. He was the man at ground zero. Once Lieutenant-commander Dan Lenson had a ship and a family. Now he is on his own, deep within Washington's military industrial complex.

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His task: shepherd a controversial weapon through the Navy's testing process to deployment. But powerful forces are lined up against the Tomahawk missile-- and against Lenson. Here, there is war in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Navy-Marine Corps are on a mission in this region and are armed to teeth-a fully-fledged operation involving Task Force 61 with tanks, aircraft, and above Marines sets out to face the enemy.

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She had flown to Europe with her daughter but she ended up in the hands of the terrorists at the Cypriot embassy. Everything however goes well as the sailors deal with flawed diplomacy, broken machinery, and the usual conflict between domestic and naval life to carry out their operations.

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Overall, the book is themed around international crises, emotional struggle and personal valor. The choice of technical details and naval jargon give the reader a real picture of the US Navy in the s.

Even to non-sailors, the well-handled naval adventure is irresistible. This is so especially if you read The Circle first. The authenticity of characters and ships is unquestionable. Perhaps that is why the book is still popular today, several years after it was published. In The Circle, David Poyer continues with his mastery of storytelling by painting Dan Lenson as a young naval officer from Annapolis who gets his first ship assignment. Young ensigns normally have a difficult time dealing with the challenges of their work and advancing their careers, and it is the same for Dan Lenson.

He prepared for this task for four years at Annapolis, but it is still a great challenge.

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Proud but nervous, Lenson plunges into the words most dangerous waters, as Ryan heads for the Arctic Circle during a stormy period. He however comes out strongly and his determination deserves plaudits.

His Captain has domestic quarrels with his wife and his career is on the rocks. The executive officer treats academy grads with contempt and the crew is generally incompetent. Just like most of the others, the scenes in this book depict the details of life aboard a destroyer of the pre-computer generation, and the operational dynamics of the Cold war are well explained. The authority, responsibility and accountability commands at sea come out quite strongly. Given the number of people reading Dan Lenson series, some of these books will soon be made into TV shows and movies. That is why these books are highly recommended to anyone who loves naval fiction, as their non-ending action scenes will keep you entertained.

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Reading the books will also make it easy for you to follow the TVshows and movies that will finally follow them, as David Poyers artistic painting of characters and scenes is consistent throughout the series. In summary, this series is highly recommended to a lover of naval fiction.

The Gulf (Dan Lenson Novels)

You get a real idea of life at the sea. We see ships being refueled, sailors navigate through zero visibility and the conflicts between characters. The complexity of characters goes a long way in fully engaging the readers mind. Being a navy veteran, David Poyer has a real feel of how life is at the sea. It is no surprise thus that his Dan Lenson series have been praised by great writers such as Stephen Coonts and Vince Flynn. Jack Reacher is back!

The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrived on bookshelves at the end of October. All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher.